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Trusted & Experienced

We work with your architect to insure every aspect of your vision is brought to realization. If you have yet to begin drafting your blueprints we’ll be happy to consult with you.

We have found that it is important that Italian Marble & Granite Co., Inc. gets involved early so that we understand the project as it relates to owners needs and expectations.

Having timely cost information helps in the decision-making process and advances the design. With careful value analysis our aim is that your project meets its budgetary goals without sacrificing quality, function, or increasing maintenance costs.

Italian Marble

Full Array of Services

Italian Marble & Granite Co., Inc. has been serving Architects, Designers, Developers, and Contractors for the past thirty-five years.

From office buildings to high-rises and condominiums, Italian Marble & Granite Co., Inc. will make any project unique and memorable.

Our experience and knowledge will ensure a job well done and we are eager to work with projects of any size/scope.

Italian Marble & Granite Co., Inc.

Below is a list of general services that we offer our commercial clients.
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    Architectural + Technical

    Estimating, specifications, product usage, product limitations, application, installation.

  • 2
    Commercial + Residential

    Office centers, public spaces, shopping centers, hotels, casinos, restaurants, and high-rise condominiums.

  • 3

    Commercial stone repair and cladding.

Italian Marble & Granite Co., Inc.
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Italian Marble & Granite Co., Inc. is there for you every step of the way.

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